Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Youth Program Services

The Workforce Innovation Opportunity  Act (WIOA) Youth Services Program seeks to assist eligible youth in achieving academic and employment success through effective and comprehensive activities. The program emphasizes the long term development of youth by expanding upon successful youth development programs.

Under WIOA, comprehensive youth services consist of ten program elements. These include:

  • Tutoring, study skills training, drop out prevention strategies;
  • Alternative secondary school offerings;
  • Summer employment opportunities linked to academic and occupational learning.
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences, including internships and job shadowing;
  • Occupational skill training;
  • Leadership development opportunities;
  • Supportive Services;
  • Adult mentoring for at least 12 months;
  • Follow-up services;
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling.

We Can Help!

Improve educational achievement through tutoring, study skills training, instruction leading to secondary school completion; and dropout prevention strategies. Prepare for employment success with employment opportunities, paid and unpaid work experience, job shadowing and informational interviews.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for assistance through WIOA Youth Services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Not less than age 14 and not more than age 24
  • Low Income

Have one or more of the following barriers:

  • a school dropout
  • homeless, runaway, or foster child
  • pregnant or parenting
  • an offender
  • require additional assistance to complete an educational program.

Youth Program Provider Contacts