The Region C Workforce Development Board oversees a wide range of services for job seekers in our region. These services can be provided by our network of NC Works Career Centers.

These services include:

Skills Assessments – Evaluate your employment abilities, interests and basic skills.

Job Search Assistance – Explore your career options in the current labor market.

Resume Preparation – Prepare a professional resume through available software, workshops, or staff assistance.

Job Listings – Employers list jobs directly with the NC Works Centers.

Career Planning and Development – Identify skills training, education needed for employment in the local labor market.

Connection to High School Completion and GED – Connect to the classes needed to get your high school diploma.

Occupational Skills Training for a Specific Career – Referrals to specific training programs available for the local labor market.

Literacy Skills – Improve your basic reading, writing and math skills.

Support Services – Help individuals find assistance with childcare, transportation, family problems or other challenges that could affect their success in a job.