Best Practices from McDowell NCWorks Center

McDowell NCWorks Center is reaching out to provide services to seniors at McDowell High School. Through a collaborative effort between Kelly Grindstaff, Career and Technical Education Instructional Management Coordinator with McDowell High School, William Caldwell, Manager of the McDowell NC Works Career Center and Shanna Gorecki, WIOA Case Manager came together with 320 seniors at McDowell High School to introduce them to the NCWorks system. The students were introduced to the NCWorks website and instructed on how to create an account. They were provided an orientation with a demonstration on an overhead projector while the seniors followed along on their notebooks. The materials covered included job search career education and training requirements, job availability, and compensation. Students were gathered to take the ACT WorkKeys tests and Mr. Caldwell reiterated the importance of these tests and how students would receive a Career Readiness Certificate based on their performance. Students were informed that their CRC would automatically populate the system after creating an account in NCWorks. The students received assistance with the registration process, and were guided thru a preview of the website and shown how it could be a beneficial resource to them as they begin the job search process. With their registration in the NCWorks system,
the students are now able to view their CRC scores, apply for employment and view current labor market information to help them plan their future.

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