Success Stories

Region C Works with Hiring and Training New Employees for Local Company

The Region C Workforce Development Board is making it a whole lot easier to hire and be hired

Parton Lumber Companies has been an established and steady business located in Rutherfordton, NC for over 50 years. But despite their longevity, this organization also has been challenged with the recent downturn in our economy.

Recently, Parton Companies began working with the Region C Workforce Development Board to address how their services might be able to help the employer with training expenses for new employees and in locating qualified applicants. Through these efforts, three individuals have already been added to the Parton Companies family in just a few short months. Parton Companies has also been able to work collaboratively with the Region C Workforce Board to help lessen the financial burden of training costs as their new employees become acclimated to their new jobs/environments.