Best Practices

Region C Workforce Board Assists Relocated Defense Systems Supplier

Manroy Defense Systems is a leading supplier to the global defense industry with extensive experience in the production of guns, gun parts and ancillary products. Their strong commitment to quality and service continues to build their reputation for delivering high-value, reliable products with a first-class service.

Manroy Defense Systems arrived to their Spindale, NC location in the latter part of 2011.  Upon their arrival, they immediately began investigating community resources and entities that could assist them finding quality individuals to assimilate as a part of their new team.  Eventually, Nikii Pittman, Human Resources Manager was contacted by the Region C Workforce Development Board, who explained to them the benefits of utilizing their assistance to possibly locate, recruit and train individuals who would become competent and productive Manroy employees.  The Region C Workforce Board and Manroy immediately began looking for collaborative opportunities, especially regarding potential candidates for the NEG On the Job Training program.  Due to the specific and precise nature of their products/services, Manroy Defense Systems knew that potential employees would need “hands on” training in order to develop necessary skills, and it was evident that the NEG On the Job Training program would provide an excellent complement to Manroy’s internal employee development program.

“I have been very pleased with the benefits and ease of using the On the Job Training Program services and in working with the Region C Workforce Board”, stated Pittman.  “This process has taken a lot of pressure off or our HR services in that they have been able to help us locate multiple individuals in a variety of key positions that have progressed to become valuable members of our team.”  Manroy Defense Systems was also committed to trying to help the community as well, especially with regards to giving opportunities to dislocated workers.  “We want to help people who need jobs, and this program has allowed us the opportunity to do that and to insure that quality candidates are given a fair shake to join our team”, Pittman added.

Thus far, Manroy Defense Systems and the Region C Workforce Board have collaboratively assisted over 16 individuals in obtaining On the Job Training.  Furthermore, Manroy is hopeful to continue to expand its service and opportunities.  “We look forward to continuing to grow our company and continuing to grow our partnership with the Region C Workforce Board.”, Pittman states