Culture of Excellence Initiative to Launch in Piedmont Triad

Some time ago, TriadWorks held a regional meeting of JobLink Managers/Coordinators to brainstorm ideas for improving and standardizing the customer experience at the JobLink Career Centers.

A workgroup was formed to analyze and recommend solutions to enhance customer service expectations.  At monthly meetings, the workgroup—which was comprised of Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS)  and Workforce Development (WD) personnel with input from the Training Center—assessed the current  state and identified desired behaviors that would result in superior customer service.

The workgroup researched and interviewed several national companies to better understand what the industry had to offer and made recommendations to the TriadWorks directors. A formal RFP process was initiated in November of 2012.  Last week, TriadWorks contracted with Public Consulting Group (PCG) to implement the  “Culture of Excellence” initiative throughout our region.

At the center of the initiative is development of a unifying strategy that brings together the two unique cultures of DWS and Workforce Development, as well as other partners.  Applying the integrated service delivery model, the initiative will recognize the strengths of its partners, eliminate silos, and provide a seamless approach to serving our customers.  Moreover, the initiative will equip all staff with the skills and knowledge to have a meaningful role in exceeding the objective of service excellence.

Phase I begins in April 2013, with state and regional leadership participating in change management planning with PCG to create the blueprint for service excellence.  In Phase II, the region’s JobLink managers/coordinators and local DWS managers and assistant directors will participate in training to manage and lead change, as well as commit to leading team-building exercises with staff.

During Phase III, all staff and team leaders will participate in team building, change management, and customer service training.  By this time next year, performance measures and monitoring systems, feedback loops, and permanent teams leaders will be in place to ensure sustainability (Phase IV).

The initiative takes advantage of all the positive changes going on at the state level, including support of the integrated framework for the One-Stop system, the development of the integrated data system through Geographic Solutions, and the NC Works branding.  The Culture of Excellence initiative has the support of the five TriadWorks Boards and the Division of Workforce Solutions.