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Craven County JobLink Connects Veterans and Global Company

On the 8th of March 2012 initial contact was made with Ms Lisa Witts of Fresenius Medical Care North America. Ms Witts is the Assistant Area Manager covering the facility in New Bern at 2113‐A Neuse Boulevard, Craven County Dialysis Center, and the acute dialysis operation at Carolina East Medical Center. Ms Witts explained that Fresenius is a global company which operates dialysis centers around the world, manufactures renal care equipment and products, and recently began manufacturing medications for renal care.

During our discussion, Ms Witts explained that the company attempts to hire veterans, particularly former Navy Corpsmen and Army Medics. Ms Witts continued that the Patient Care Technician (PCT) positions at Fresenius’ dialysis operations are Certified Nursing Assistant level positions a certification Fresenius will wave in order to hire former corpsmen and medics.

Ms Witts explained that veterans not only bring a strong work ethic to their operations, but also have the ability to react positively to unusual situations or crises which may arise during treatment. More so than non‐veterans who have not experienced the military training corpsmen and medics have received. Ms Witts has agreed to expand interest beyond former corpsmen and medics and will strongly consider any other veterans, whom have received medical training since leaving the military.

Ms Witts also explained that Fresenius Medical Care will pay for PCTs to attend nursing school, once a PCT has proven themselves within the company. Ms Witts continued that these individuals remain employed, while attending school, since the local Nurse Managers are willing to schedule working times around school requirements for these individuals. Ms Witts explained that once a PCT completes Fresenius sponsored training and becomes a Registered Nurse (RN), this individual then has a minimum of two years they must work for Fresenius as a RN.

During the last year, Ms Witts and I have worked closely together to ensure veterans are informed of employment opportunities and considered by the hiring authority at the company’s three locations in Craven County. This process starts when Ms Witts informs me of an upcoming PCT opening. I then contact veterans with interest in pursuing medical occupations and instruct them to apply for the positions available. Once the veteran has completed the application, I inform Ms Witts about these individuals. Ms Witts will then personally retrieve these veterans’ applications and ensure the hiring Nursing Manager considers them for the position.

Working together, the first veteran (a former Army Medic) was placed with Fresenius and started work on the 22nd of October 2012. This veteran performed so well that another veteran (a former Marine whom had just passed EMTII certification) was hired and started work with Fresenius on the 28th of January 2013. Currently, two veterans are being considered for the latest open PCT with Fresenius in Craven County.

Richard D. Hansen
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist
Department of Commerce
Division of Workforce Solutions
New Bern, NC