Success Stories

Centralina WDB’s Quality Training Leads to a Quality Company Recognized 3 Years in a Row

Quality Electronic Manufacturing Services, Inc.(QEMS) of Monroe (Union County) has been recognized as a “World Class Supplier” by SCOTT Safety for a third time in as many years. This recognition is given to only the top 1 percent of SCOTT Safety’s suppliers from across the globe. QEMS, Inc., a manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies, and other electronic systems, is 1 of 8 out of 600 suppliers to receive this prestigious award. SCOTT Safety, a Tyco International Company, produces life safety equipment primarily for America’s fire-fighters at a neighboring facility within the Monroe Corporate Center.

“On an annual basis we evaluate our top dollar-spend suppliers and rate their performance in quality, on-time delivery, cost, and customer service,” Valerie R. Raye, senior buyer at SCOTT Safety’s Strategic Sourcing Department, said. “QEMS’s receipt of World Class Supplier for three consecutive years is truly unique and is a testament to their dedication to continuous improvement.”

Quality Electronic Manufacturing Services, Inc. (QEMS) was founded in Monroe in 2002 by Phuong Nguyen, who originally immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the early 1980’s. Having started his engineering education in Vietnam, Nguyen secured a position with Siemens where he worked full-time while completing his engineering degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After 15 years with Siemens he struck out on his own to form QEMS, Inc.

As President and CEO, Nguyen has grown the company to service an impressive list of customers and employ 70 people.

“Our success is the result of focusing on development of the QEMS team through smart hiring, continual skills training, and a never-ending attention to providing solutions to customers’ needs,” Nguyen said. “This strategy has enabled us to keep and grow jobs here in Monroe and Union County, rather than see them go off-shore.”

QEMS has been one of the local employers that received Incumbent Worker Grant funds through the Centralina Workforce Development Board. Thanks to these grants the company was able to achieve ISO 9000 Certification and equip several employees with nationally recognized credentials. This valuable training has allowed the company to thrive and continue to grow to be one of the safest and most vibrant companies in the Centralina WDB region! Centralina WDB Business Services Coordinator Vail Carter has worked directly with QEMS for many years and has helped them find new ways to be successful and to grow their business.

The company is committed to identifying and utilizing the technologies and capital equipment best suited to the demands of the future. They realize that highly-qualified employees are key to providing the level of quality to satisfy customer demand and be able to compete on a global basis.

For the employees, this means providing the best training and certifications available to stay abreast of technology and the highest possible efficiencies. The training components completed under Incumbent Workforce Development Program through the Centralina Workforce Development Board closed a skills gap for the company and will assist in achieving their goal of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction while also being able to use the additional skills to attract new customers.

For more information about the training QEMS received or on the Centralina Workforce Development Board please contact David Hollars at (704) 348-2717 or by email at