Success Stories

WIA Helps Two Young Mothers

Lumber River WIA Helps Mother Achieve Goal

AllisonPaigeGuytonAllison Paige Guyton, who goes by “Paige”, dropped out of high school in the 11th grade at the age of 16, due to excessive absentees and defiant behavior.  After several months, she realized that she would have no promising future without her education. Determined for a better life, she decided to return to school.  With the help of WIA, she enrolled in the Basic Skills Program at Bladen Community College.

During her enrollment in the program, she became a parent.  This proved to be a defining moment in Paige’s life that forced her to put things into perspective, so she continued attending classes and received her Adult High School Diploma in May 2008.  Realizing that she wanted to provide a better life for her child, Paige enrolled into the Nursing Program at Bladen Community College.  While enrolled, she secured employment with Woodman of the World and Bladen Insurance as an administrative assistant. In addition to working and parenting, she spent countless hours studying and participating in leadership activities in the WIA Youth Program, which helped to enhance her interpersonal growth and development. Her participation in the youth program granted the opportunity to educate other youth about setting goals, staying in school and overcoming the obstacles of being a young single parent. Paige’s hard work paid off when she accomplished a major milestone on May 11, 2011 by earning an Associate Degree in Nursing.

After passing the NC Nurse Licensing Examination, she immediately began job searching.  Her determination paid off, when Bladen County Hospital hired her as a Registered Nurse at $22 per hour with benefits.  Paige has plans of continuing her education to receive her Master of Science in Nursing Degree, with a long term goal of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Paige is an excellent example of how WIA funds can help someone find success.

DavidsonWorks WIA Leads Young Mother to Success

GuytonSuccess_clip_image002Tiffany Johnson was first introduced to Workforce Investment Act services in 2006, when she was 16 years old and enrolled in Get REAL to attain her GED.  She worked diligently for several months and successfully earned her GED while working a fast food job at the same time.

Four years later, 20 year old Tiffany came to DavidsonWorks to request assistance in attending the Nursing Assistant I course at Davidson County Community College so that she could pursue her goal of being a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery.  Tiffany’s life had dramatically changed in the four years since she had attained her GED.

In addition to working at least 35 hours a week managing a fast food restaurant, she now also had 2 very young children to provide for as a single mother following a recent separation from her husband.  Tiffany’s children were, and continue to be, her inspiration and motivation to gain more education and improve her career opportunities.

Throughout her time in the Nursing Assistant course, Tiffany faced numerous unanticipated struggles and setbacks in her personal life.  In spite of personal and family member illness, death of a loved one, more than one move, and the loss of her support system, Tiffany was able to manage parenting, working, and successfully completing her training.

Now that she has reached this important milestone, Tiffany has adjusted her goals slightly, but still continues to set goals, work hard at achieving those goals, and overcome obstacles in order to improve her life.  She has been accepted into the Pharmacy Tech program at Davidson County Community College and will begin this endeavor in the fall.