Success Stories

Tragedy at Young Age Inspires Youth to Succeed in WIA Program

Meet James Martin Hipp

JamesHippJames Martin Hipp has been enrolled into the UNC Pembroke YouthStart WIA Program since March 18, 2010 and has always given 100% dedication and commitment to the program. He is an excellent example of an individual who turned a tragedy into a success.

At the young age of 11, James experienced a life-changing event when his mother died from a spinal and brain condition.  Although this was devastating for him, it inspired him to seek an education in the health field so that he could help others. With the help of WIA, he was able to maintain his grades in school, participate in WIA activities and community service projects, and gain work experience through an internship at Health Keeperz Pharmacy.  There, he has been able to gain valuable experience and improve his employability skills.  His supervisor gives positive reports of his courteousness, dedication and hard work.

James continues to work at the pharmacy until he starts college at Wingate University in the fall.  He has already been awarded several scholarships totaling over $68,000, which would allow him to pay for tuition and books without much financial stress. His ultimate goal is to become a pharmacist and make a difference in other people’s lives.