Success Stories

Company Uses Workforce Development Training Program to Increase Competitiveness

Toner Machining Technologies

TonerToner Machining Technologies specializes in hydraulic and manual work holding fixtures for horizontal and vertical machining centers. Toner designs, engineers and produces fixtures, tooling and gages that enable their customers to precisely manufacture and measure their products.

Toner initially became familiar with the Incumbent Workforce Development Training Program by successfully completing the ISO 9001-2000 Implementation and Auditor training. Through extensive training provided by NCSU-IES, Toner developed the skills to implement a world class quality system and to become ISO 9001-2000 registered in March of 2007.

Toner then set a goal to increase their competitiveness in the global economic environment by improving quality, streamlining processes and eliminating waste. To assist in reaching that goal, Toner was awarded the remaining balance of their funding to implement Lean Manufacturing training. By closely following the NCSU-IES Lean Manufacturing training program, Toner employees received training in cycle time improvement, quality improvement programs, value stream mapping and other continuous improvement techniques.  This training led to improved teamwork skills, business communication skills and manufacturing improvement skills. Value stream mapping helped to significantly reduce wait time between operations as their products moved through the various production stages. Work areas were mapped out and organized more efficiently to eliminate non-value added operations, greatly expediting their manufacturing process and increasing production. The training was completed late in 2008.

Toner greatly appreciates the Incumbent Workforce Training opportunities they were awarded.  They feel the opportunity not only increased the overall profitability and effectiveness of their business but also minimized the possible negative effects during an unstable economy. They look forward to continued practice of the principles learned and plan to complete AS9100 training in the near future in an effort of continuous improvement.