Solar Module Maker Coming to Vance County

Semprius, Inc., a privately held company that produces high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar modules, has announced that the company will locate a pilot production plant in Henderson.  The company plans to create 256 jobs over five years and make a capital investment of $89.7 million in Henderson.

Semprius builds its HCPV modules using patented technology and low-cost components that can concentrate the sun’s energy more than 1,100 times onto the world’s smallest solar cells.  The company believes its unique manufacturing processes allow Semprius to offer an advantageous cost point and execute rapid, capital-efficient expansion. Semprius will sell modules produced in the Henderson facility to global system integrators and project developers, who in turn sell complete solar systems to end users such as utility companies.

While individual wages for the 256 jobs will vary by job function, the overall average for the new jobs will be $45,565 a year, not including benefits. The Vance County average annual wage is $30,004.