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Labor Data for Region C

“In Fall 2016, representatives from the NC Department of Commerce’s Labor & Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) provided a presentation on the Region C economy to the Workforce Development Board. LEAD provided a wealth of information to the WDB about the … more

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Best Practices from McDowell NCWorks Center

McDowell NCWorks Center is reaching out to provide services to seniors at McDowell High School. Through a collaborative effort between Kelly Grindstaff, Career and Technical Education Instructional Management Coordinator with McDowell High School, William Caldwell, Manager of the McDowell NC … more

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North Carolina Business Owners And NCAWDB Members To Meet With Trump Administration, Congress

Washington Must Address Skills Gap To Help North Carolina Residents Get Training, Education for Good-Paying Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement, Says Group

Delegation of Business Leaders from 25 States to Travel to DC December 7-8th

Greensboro NC —North Carolina business owners and Workforce Development Leaders will travel to Washington, D.C. to call on Congress and the incoming Trump Administration to support middle-skill jobs. The fly-in of employers from 25 states and the District of Columbia is being organized by Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships (BLU), a national coalition of employers from a range of industries who are working to address our country’s skills gap.

“In North Carolina, small- and medium-sized firms are offering good-paying jobs with opportunities to move up a career ladder. The market incentive is there – yet positions go unfilled because there simply aren’t enough tr more

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